Broaching Machines

Apex is highly experienced in analyzing the machining needs of your part and recommending the proper broaching machine system. Broaching is done on a variety of equipment styles and equipment sizes depending on your part application. Quite often systems are recommended based on a family of similar parts.

Broaching machines are sized by tonnage and stroke, in general the more material being removed from the part and greater the size of the part the greater the tonnage and stroke required. For example, a horizontal style broaching machine can be between 6 tons and 50 tons of force and 48” to 120” of stroke

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Apex Broaching Systems offers a full lineup of broaching machine sizes and styles:


  • Stroke – from 12””to 120″
  • Tonnage – from 1 to 50 tons


The proper broaching machine system is determined by first analyzing your part. Our engineers will need the following to begin:

  • Part print with all dimensions and tolerances before and after broaching
  • Material type (casting, forging, rolled stock etc.)
  • Hardness of the material when broached
  • Heat treatment both before and after broaching
  • Machining operations that precede and follow the broaching operation on all surfaces
  • Surface that will be used to locate for the broaching operation
  • Maximum stock that will be removed by broaching
  • Finish required after broaching
  • Production volume and rate required for your part
  • Number of parts to be broached in a single pass
  • Any existing broach tool drawing
  • Any floor space limitations for the broaching machine
  • Delivery destination

Once these basic requirements are understood our engineers can size the broaching system to your particular application.

Horizontal Broaching Machines

Apex Broaching Systems Horizontal Broaching machines are built of heavy duty construction and are ideal for a wide variety of part applications including:

  • Internal involute splines
  • Internal SAE splines
  • Rifling
  • Receivers
  • Key lock slots
  • Internal “D” forms
  • Keyways
  • Internal Serrations
  • Many other internal forms

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Apex Horizontal Broaching Machines range in size between 6 Tons – 50 Tons with 48″ to 120″ of Stroke. Please contact us for specific floor plan dimensions.

Apex Horizontal Broaching Machines are advantageous for several reasons:

  • Operation of the machine is at floor level
  • No platform or pit is required
  • Ceiling height is not a limitation
  • Incorporates semi-automatic tool handling
  • Can incorporate CNC or Rack and Pinion movement for rifling or helical part applications
  • Can be economical for lower production rates

Vertical Broaching Machines

Apex Broaching Systems Vertical Broaching Machines are built to perform, and are ideal for a wide variety of part applications including:

  • Internal involute splines
  • Internal SAE splines
  • Rifling
  • Internal forms
  • Round, square, hex holes
  • Keyways
  • Internal serrations
  • Internal surfaces
  • External serrations
  • External flat surfaces

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Apex Broaching Systems vertical broaching machines come in several forms including:

  • Apex Vertical Table-Up Broaching Machines operate from floor level, no platform or pit is required, have automatic tool handling, can perform a helical operation and is suitable for cell manufacturing with high production rates.
  • Apex Surface Broaching Machines can be single station or multiple stations. Our latest design incorporates a linear rail system for improved performance and part quality.
  • Apex Pot Broaching Machines perform for part applications with external serrations and teeth.
  • Apex Vertical Internal Pull Down Broaching Machines are ideal for internal broaching applications of almost every kind and conserve floor space.
  • Apex Tripex Broaching Machines offer versatility by being convertible between pull broaching, surface broaching or pot broaching and are suitable for moderate production rates.
  • Apex Table Top Broaching Machines are economical for slot and keyway part applications with lower production rates.

Please contact us for more information.

Blind Spline Broaching Machines

Apex Broaching Systems Blind Hole or Blind Spline broaching machines are built to perform, and are ideal for part applications where the part requires an internal or external spline that ends at a shoulder rather than going through the part. Progressive broach tooling is mounted on a linear or rotating table, a part or pair of parts is automatically loaded onto expanding arbors under a single vertical ram. The parts are pushed into the tooling in quick succession and the table moves for automatic part removal.

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  • Splines can be located internally or externally on the part
  • Blind Spline Broaching is especially suitable for high production rates and will outperform gear shaping or hobbing.
  • Blind Spline Broaching machines can be either a rotary dial type machine or an in-line-transfer style machine, depending on your part application
  • Internal and External splines can be machined at the same time using Blind Spline Broaching

For specific sizing to your part application please contact us.

Recondition Broaching Machines

Apex Broaching Systems can remanufacture/recondition most broaching machine makes and models and retool the broaching machine for your new part application. An assessment should be made to verify the existing machine is appropriate for your intended purpose.

A basic recondition would generally consist of the following, but would be customized to your specific needs, details will be provided in a customized quote:

  • Machining and qualifying surfaces as required to original flat and square conditions including fixture mounting surfaces, slides and way surfaces
  • Refurbish main motor
  • Refurbish or replace hydraulic power unit
  • Refit existing main slide
  • Refurbish or replace and machine ways
  • Rebuild or replace coolant system
  • Refurbish or replace lube system
  • New electrical system with updated control
  • Repainted one color industrial enamel paint
  • Dry run and machine runoff

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New work-holding fixtures , broach tooling and automation can also be quoted to complete your broaching system. Please contact us for more information.