Cutting Tools

Apex has recently improved our manufacturing process by increasing our CNC capability for spline and form tools. Our new state-of-the-art CNC Spline Grinder can grind tools up to 95” in length and 6” in diameter.

Apex manufactures a complete line of broach cutting tools for most any part application including:

  • Flat Broach
  • Keyway Broach
  • Rectangular or Square Broach
  • Pot Broach Inserts
  • Pot Broach Holder Assemblies
  • Round Broach
  • Spline Broach
  • Involute Spline Broach
  • Blind Spline Punch/Die
  • Rifling Broach
  • Helical/Spiral Broach
  • Form Broach
  • Sharpen and Repair Service
  • Full Design Capability

Broach Tool being made on our state-of-the-art CNC Spline Grinder

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Broaching is performed by a variety of broach cutting tool styles and sizes depending on your part application and Apex can manufacture most any style and size.

Apex has the skilled toolmakers and current technology to produce the best possible broaching tool.

As a turn-key Broaching Systems supplier Apex is able to see our tools in action in the same plant they are manufactured during try-out on our Broaching Machines, modifications can be made quickly

Apex has the capability to sharpen most any style broach cutting tool, without expert sharpening your broaching tool will not perform properly.

Apex can manufacture broach cutting tools to an existing broach cutting tool drawing.

Apex is also highly experienced in analyzing the machining needs of your part and designing the proper broach cutting tool. Apex can develop a tool concept that answers the unique needs of your job. For example, to be cost effective quite often broach cutting tools are designed to accommodate a family of similar parts.

To design or redesign a new broach cutting tool our engineers will request the following where applicable:

  • Any existing broach tool drawing
  • Type of broach machine, make, model, tonnage, stroke
  • Drawings of the part holding fixture
  • Part print with all dimensions and tolerances before and after broaching
  • Material type being machined (casting, forging, rolled stock etc.)
  • Hardness of the material when broached
  • Heat treatment both before and after broaching
  • Machining operations that precede and follow the broaching operation on all surfaces
  • Maximum stock that will be removed by broaching
  • Finish required after broaching
  • Production volume and rate required for your part
  • Number of parts to be broached in a single pass
  • Type of pull shank and diameter

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