Broaching Machine Fixtures/Automation

An extremely important element in a successful Broaching Machine System is the Fixture that locates and holds the part to be machined. Apex Broaching Systems has years of experience in designing the proper Broach Machine Fixture for your unique application. Broaching Machines are very diverse and so are the fixtures utilized to hold the part; Apex uses creativity and ingenuity to design turn-key systems that perform.

Broach Machine Fixtures have numerous functions, most importantly:

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  • Locating the part to be machined accurately
  • Holding or supporting the part in a the proper relationship to the broach tool
  • Guiding the broach motion
  • Protection of the part and broach
  • Facilitating the highest rate of production

Apex has numerous proven designs that incorporate function with solid fixture principals and characteristics.

Broaching Machine Fixtures can be fundamentally manual to fully automatic loading. If your application calls for automation Apex can integrate your part handling plans into the fixture design.

Your current Broaching Machine can be re-tooled to run a new part and Apex can design the fixture and tools. The proper Broaching Machine Fixture is determined by first analyzing your part. Our engineers will optimally need the following to begin:

  • Part print with all dimensions and tolerances before and after broaching
  • Material type (casting, forging, rolled stock etc.)
  • Hardness of the material when broached
  • Heat treatment both before and after broaching
  • Machining operations that precede and follow the broaching operation on all surfaces
  • Surface that will be used to locate for the broaching operation
  • Maximum stock that will be removed by broaching
  • Surface finish required after broaching
  • Production volume and rate required for your part
  • Number of parts to be broached in a single pass
  • Current tooling designs if relevant

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